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Career Institute & Job Center

 The Career Institute & Job Center
is Closed 
until further notice

To post a job click HERE or for job listings click HERE.

For more info, contact Associate Dean Maria Spencer at (510) 436-2582

The Career Institute and Job Center is a collaborative endeavor that brings together employers and job seekers and provides a comprehensive one-stop approach to career exploration, skills training, development workshops, and job-search services.  We provide robust services and expertise to help current and re-entry students, as well as dislocated workers develop the skills, attain the knowledge, and access the resources needed to reach their goals and thrive in their chosen career.

In order to create this welcoming environment, Merritt received funding through the federal government’s Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA),  the Oakland Workforce Development Board, and other local organizations who share the same goals.

Each of us have specific expertise to  help you in whatever your situation is. You can find out what we do HERE, find out how to contact us HERE, or come in to use our resources or make an appointment. Find out today how we can help you change your life!

For more information, contact Associate Dean Maria Spencer at (510) 436-2582