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CurricuNET is Coming: Training is Available!

7 November 2017

Important reminder from SLOAC Chair Heather Casale: Our transition to the new assessment platform, CurricuNet Meta, is underway. Departments are piloting the program this semester, and all instructional programs will transition this Spring. Assessment Coordinators, and our new Assessment Data Specialist, Cynthia Alvarado, are available throughout the semester to train faculty on the new system. Our availability is as follows:


Lawrence Lee: Thursday 4:30-5:30, Tuesday by appt
Susan Andrien: Wednesday 11-12:, Thursday 2-3:30
Heather Casale: Tuesday 11-12, Friday 2-3
Cynthia Alvarado: Wednesday 1:30-3:00


Please email one of us to schedule a training. Better yet, invite us to your department meetings, and we’ll train all faculty. There is now a step-by-step instructional handout on the SLOAC website as well:


By this point in the semester all faculty and programs should have identified the SLO(s) they will be assessing and entered an assessment plan. If you haven’t yet done this, there is still time. Feel free to reach out for help if needed, and as always, happy assessing!


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