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Get Started with Orientation!

16 August 2014

The Merritt College New Student Orientation is an opportunity for us to officially welcome you and thank you for choosing us. You will learn about our expectations of you as well as what can expect of us. Learn about all of the support services and recourses that are available to you and let us assist you with completing each of the steps necessary from registration through enrollment into your classes. The overall goal of the Orientation is to assist you in getting off to a great start and providing you with the necessary information for a successful finish.

Many students who are new to college will also attend an assessment session as part of their process to enroll in classes. The purpose of the assessment is to provide students with information regarding their current skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. The results of the assessment, along with other information provided by the student, will be used by counseling staff to assist the student in selecting appropriate courses.


July 2014 Orientation Assessment
Wednesday 23-Jul 10 a.m. FULLR1101 p.m. FULLL132
Thursday24-Jul 10 a.m. FULLR1101 p.m. FULLL132
Tuesday29-Jul 10 a.m. FULLR108
Tuesday29-Jul 1 p.m. FULLL132
Wednesday 30-Jul10 a.m. FULLR1101 p.m. FULLL132
Thursday31-Jul10 a.m. FULLR1101 p.m. FULLL132
August 2014 Orientation Assessment
Tuesday5-Aug 10 a.m. FULLR108
Tuesday5-Aug 1 p.m. FULLL132
Wednesday 6-Aug 10 a.m. FULLR1101 p.m. FULLL132
Thursday7-Aug 10 a.m. FULLR1101 p.m. FULLL132
Tuesday12-Aug 10 a.m. FULLR108
Tuesday12-Aug 1 p.m. FULLL132
Wednesday 13-Aug 10 a.m. FULLR1101 p.m. FULLL132
Thursday14-Aug 10 a.m. FULLR1101 p.m. FULLL132
Tuesday19-Aug 10 a.m. R108
Tuesday19-Aug 1 p.m.L132
Wednesday 20-Aug 10 a.m. FULLR1101 p.m. FULLL132
Thursday21-Aug 10 a.m. FULLR1101 p.m. FULLL132
Tuesday26-Aug 10 a.m.R108
Tuesday26-Aug 1 p.m.L132
Wednesday 27-Aug 1 p.m. FULLR11010 a.m. FULLL132
Thursday28-Aug 1 p.m.R11010 a.m.L132
September 2014 Orientation Assessment
Wednesday 3-Sep 10 a.m.R1101 p.m.L132
Thursday4-Sep 10 a.m.R1101 p.m.L132
Tuesday9-Sep 10 a.m.R108
Tuesday9-Sep 1 p.m.L132
Wednesday 10-Sep 10 a.m.R1101 p.m.L132

NOTE: The Orientation and Assessment schedule is subject to change without notice. For the most current assessment schedule or for additional information, please call the Assessment Center at (510) 436-2562 or visit our website at

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