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Renovated Library Opens!

17 April 2014

After more than three years of extensive renovations, the Merritt Library is opened to students who can once again borrow books, as well as enjoy new furniture, more computers, and additional study space. The building is now equipped with wi-fi , along with new carrels that are wired so students can easily plug in laptops. New safety and energy features include earthquake-proof book stacks and energy-saving lighting.

The remodeled downstairs of the building will bring the Library a new neighbor – the Learning Center (soon to be called the Learning Commons), which will be ready in the fall.

“The Library and the Learning Center will now be under the same roof, “ says Tim Hackett. “It will be more convenient for DSPS and for all students who can get the information they need under one roof.”

But with all the new features of the library, one thing remains the same – students can still study while gazing out at the beautiful, green Oakland hills – the best view on campus!


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