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USGBC brings us plugs for our EVs!

9 December 2013


Electric Vehicles (EVs) will eventually replace gas and hybrid models. Peralta has joined the movement of working towards a net zero campus with the introduction and adoption of electric charging stations for alternative fuel vehicles. PCCD, with the support of USGBC national Electric Vehicle program have identified 5 spots each on all campuses, where faculty and students can enroll their future electric vehicle into the grid. Work will begin on the installation of the stations this summer AND, faculty will have a unique invitation to buy or lease their own Electric Vehicle through a special program from the auto maker Nissan. Sustainability Manager Charles Neal, is leading this effort to support for the colleges through the office General Services for Peralta Colleges.

Together we can slow human use of resources, reduce energy and water use, modernize our infrastructure and re-design our food systems, while uplifting a new economy and creating jobs. Peralta Community College District has committed to these goals in its policies and its curriculum. We have a new partnership that will expand our ability, as an anchor institution in the Bay Area to be a place of learning, transformation, and community development. We thank USGBC and Emerald Cities Collaborative for their support.

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