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Associated Students of Merritt College Home


Executive Board: Marquita Price, President; Laura G. Hernandez, Vice President; Soledad Martinez, Secretary; Maria Fernandez, Treasurer; Max Leung, Chief of Justice; My Williams, ICC Chairperson;

Senators: Adrian Jackson, Birhon Quizhpe, Tachaka Moore, Anita Johnson, Manual Carmona, Ana Ivy Peña, Yesenia Araiza, Kendra Conway, Venus Morris, Tatiana Ochoa, Ajari McCaster, Marlene Hurd, Craig Mott, Brenda Perez

Associated Students of Merritt College is the student body government organization of the college comprised of students and their elected and appointed student officers.The goal of the Associated Students of Merritt College  is to give a voice to all Merritt College students allowing them to become part of the college community. Some of our major responsibilities include:

  • Appointing students to campus-wide committees.
  • Being a part of the shared governance process in the development of college policies and annual budget
  • Adopting and overseeing use of an annual budget
  • Allocating funds for new programs and projects
  • Granting club charters
  • Providing and administering a program of activities and services for students.

ASMC builds student leadership skills, advocates for student success, and provides students with extracurricular opportunities in student government, ASMC activities, clubs, and more.

We urge you to come to our meetings, be a part of ASMC, and have a say in the decision-making at your college!