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Altazor Constitution

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Constitution Altazor


We the students of Merritt College, in order to promote the general welfare of the students and the community this college serves, have created the Altazor to guarantee the equality of opportunity among students; to offer experience in moral, aesthetic, social and economic values under an atmosphere of intellectual freedom; to encourage students in community participation, and in the planning and direction of student and community activities, as permitted under the rules, regulation and policies of the State of California, the Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees, the President of Merritt College and their representatives, do ordain and establish this constitution.

Article I.

Organizational Title
Organizational title, name, or reference thereto shall be known as Altazor.

Article II.

Section 1. The purpose of Altazor is to be a support group for academic success.  Altazor will also help build leadership skills, and create a purpose of drawing the community closer to Merritt College, as well as other educational institutions, while promoting student unity and responsibility

Article III

Phase 1. During the initial pilot phase, Altazor membership will be limited to 15 students to assure the success of the program.
Section 1. Membership is defined as: Any student whose Home College is Merritt College and has obtained a minimum of a 3.25 G.P.A or higher on a 4.O scale.
Students that read and agree to uphold the purpose of Altazor as defined in Article II can become a part of the club through an application process.
Section 2. Active member is defined as: One who attends meetings, participates on a regular basis; at least 6 out of 8 of meetings.
Section 3. Members must contribute their time to obtain academic success and are required to share information/resources as well, to help other club members.

Article IV

Section 1. This organization shall be headed by the Mesa, which consist of the following 4 Officers: 1.) Chair 2.) Vice Chair 3.) Secretary 4.) Treasurer.
Section 2. All officers will be filled by an election. The election of new officers when necessary will be conducted by the current President of Altazor, and club Advisor will preside.
Section 3. The term of each office will be for one school year (two semesters).
Section 4. To be elected for office it is necessary to have a G.P.A. of 3.0 or better.

Article V

Section 1. The officers of Altazor will meet Bi-monthly prior to regular club meetings during the semester.
Section 2. The members and the officers of Altazor must meet no less than 8 times during the semester.
Section 3. Special meetings will be called by the President and three chairpersons, or by three-fourths of the members.

Article VI

Section 1. All officers will be elected by a simple majority of the vote.
Section 2. Recall/ One- third of the members may propose a recall election.
Voting shall be by secret ballot, a three- fourth vote passage will constitute a recall.
Section 3. Members are eligible to vote on officer elections only if they have attended 2/3 of the clubs meetings prior to elections.

Article VII

Section 1. A quorum( a minimum number of people that must be present for a valid meeting) shall consist of the majority of the members present including at least two officers.
Section 2. If Article VII, Section 1 is not acquired, then the meeting for that day shall be canceled.

Article VIII

Section 1. The advisor(s) of Altazor shall be a faculty member(s) of Merritt College.

Article IX

Amendments/ Standing Rules
Section 1. The Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the organization by a two- thirds vote of membership, provided that the amendments have been presented in writing at the board meeting, prior to the regular meeting of the members and officers.
Section 2. The minutes will be handed out on the days that the members and officers meet, before a meeting begins the minutes shall be approved and confirmed by Altazor members and officers.
Section 3. The bi-laws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the members and officers.

*Altazor Constitution approved Fall 2011 Semester