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Key Links to Merritt College Information

Below are links and brief descriptions of important Merritt College websites, listed alphabetically. Many of these will provide useful information to Standard Committee members researching information for sections of their standards. This list is far from exhaustive, so the search box and the A-Z Directory on the Merritt College homepage will also be useful.
For questions, corrections, updates, or suggestions for frequently used websites that would be good additions, please contact the Self Evaluation Chair.

Academic Senate

Information about the Academic Senate, including Senate members and officers, constitution, Senate committee appointments, agendas, and minutes.

Admissions & Records

Merritt College admissions and registration policies and procedures.

Board of Trustees

List of Board of Trustees members and links to agendas and minutes of Board meetings.


Details about all Merritt College certificates, including description, coursework, Student Learning Outcomes, and Gainful Employment Information.

Classified Senate

Information about the Classified Senate including constitution, bylaws, senators, minutes, agenda, and events.

Committees (Shared Governance and Other)

College committees, their functions, and their composition, with links to their homepages, which include agendas and minutes.

Disability Resources

Programs and services for students with disabilities. Includes resources for faculty and staff working with these students.

District Governance Committees

Description and meeting agendas and minutes for the committees that provide guidance and standards for education at the college.

Foundation at Peralta

The functions and procedures of the Peralta Foundation, a separate entity from the college that does fundraising on behalf of the college and its programs.

Human Resources

Employment information, job applications, job descriptions, salary schedules, benefits descriptions, evaluation forms, and other useful resources.

Information Technology

Information and support for network, server, telecommunication, computing hardware, software, and instructional computing classroom and labs.

International Students

Information for students from outside the United States who are considering enrolling at Merritt College.


Information on Merritt College Library and Learning Resource Center, plus access to electronic databases, the library catalog, search options, research support, library guides, and other library resources.


Detailed information about and transfer majors available at Merritt College.

Office of Institutional Research

Overview of information about the research functions at the District and the college and instructions for and access to many sources of data, including the Fact Sheets and District’s Strategic Planning Website.

Organization Chart

This PDF document shows the current management organization at Merritt College.

Peralta Federation of Teachers

Information on PFT, the collective bargaining agent for regular and adjunct credit and noncredit faculty at Merritt College. Includes access to PFT/District contract, MOUs, meeting agendas, minutes, and forms.

Program Reviews & Annual Program Updates

Program review reports and annual program updates (APUs) for instructional and student services programs, departments, and units.


General information about purchasing procedures and forms.

Student Learning Outcomes

Overview and procedures regarding assessment of Student Learning Outcomes for courses, majors and certificates, and institutional learning outcomes. Includes password links to SLO SharePoint site, which lists SLO assessments for courses and programs.

Study Abroad

Information about the International Studies Committee, including opportunities for faculty to teach abroad and for students to study abroad.