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Merritt College Self-Evaluation 2015

Welcome to the Merritt College Accreditation 2015 website. Merritt College is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges for all course and program offerings. The California State University and University of California systems and other universities and colleges grant credit for appropriate courses completed.

Merritt College is currently involved in writing its Self-Evaluation in preparation for the Accreditation Team visit and External Evaluation Report in Spring 2015. This website serves three purposes towards the accreditation effort.

  • Explain to the college community the intent, process, and context of accreditation through the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.
  • Provide access to resources, guidance, and communications for the members of the Standards Committee who are researching and composing the Self Evaluation.
  • Reflect Merritt College’s process towards reaffirmation of its accreditation as part of its ongoing support and improvement of teaching and learning.
  • Please visit the pages listed below to learn more about accreditation and this institution.

ACCJC Resources

Merritt College Accreditation Updates


Letter from ACCJC Stating Merritt’s Removal from Warning and Reaffirming Accreditation on the Basis of Follow-up Report with Visit, July 2013
Merritt College Follow-Up Report (March 15, 2013)
Merritt College Accreditation Archive


ACCJC Peralta Action Letter July-2-2012
ACCJC Follow -Up Report to PCCD May 2012
Visiting Team Report (April 16-17, 2012)
Follow-Up Report & Documentation (March 15, 2012)
Accreditation Summit (March 22, 2012)


ACCJC Removal from Probation
ACCJC Removal from Probation_Merritt College
ACCJC June 30, 2011 Action Letter to PCCD
Follow-Up Visit Team Report, April 2011
Follow-Up Report & Documentation (April 1, 2011)
PCCD Response to ACCJC 3-15-11
Jan. 2011 Commission Letter & Follow up Visit Report–ACCJC letter 2-14-11
ACCJC Letter to Interim PCCD Chancellor (January 31, 2011)


Accreditation Visiting Team – November 4, 2010
ACCJC Follow-Up Report – October 15, 2010
Follow-Up Report & Documentation (October 15, 2010)
Visiting Team Report (April 15, 2010 visit)
Special Report 4-01-10
Supporting Documentation 4-01-10
Follow-up Reports & Documentation 03-15-10
ACCJC Letter to Peralta – June 30, 2010
An Open Letter from Chancellor to Our Colleges Students and Community
Statement On Budget Reduction Planning


Visiting Team Report (March 9-12, 2009)
ACCJC District and College Action Letters, June 30, 2009
ACCJC Request for Special Report on Audit Findings, November 18
Merritt College Accreditation Website, 2009
Merritt College 2009 Self-Study in Support of Accreditation
2009 ACCJC Evaluation Report