Linnea Willis

Title: Paralegal Department Chair
School/Location: Merritt
Phone: 434-3936
Office/Classroom: Merritt


Greetings! I am the full time Paralegal Department Instructor at Merritt College. I encourage each of you to visit my webpage to learn information regarding the classes I am currently instructing.

Merritt College is the Premier Bay Area Paralegal Program

For Potential Students: Please go to the link to the left entitled "Paralegal Certificate Requirements" to learn more about the Program and requirements, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the Paralegal Department or Paralegal Certificate.

For My Current Students: Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my classes, the Paralegal Department or the Paralegal Certificate. This page should be helpful to you in terms of accessing each course Syllabus, Assignments and other Deadlines for each course. Access the Links to Each Class by clicking on one of the links to the left.

Spring 2011 Schedule & Office Hours

The following is a list of classes I currently teach at Merritt:

Class Title Day Time Location

Legal Research Mondays 1-4pm P218

Tuesdays 7-10pm P218

Internship Class Mondays 6-7pm P218

Intro to Civil Procedure & Litigation Mondays 7-10pm P218

Law Office Management Tuesdays 5-7pm P218



Days Time Location

Mondays 4-6p.m. P206B

Tuesdays 4-5p.m. P206B

Wednesdays 6-7p.m. P206B

Professor Willis is also available during alternative times and days by setting an appointment directly with Professor Willis. If you desire an appointment outside of the above-referenced office hours, please contact Professor Willis at