Muehlinghaus, Christoph

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I started being interested in healing when my own health "gave out" and I was diagnosed to be possibly wheel chair bound by 35. That was not an option and I was fortunate and determined enough to get the right help. It became clear to me that I will be helping others in similar situations early on.

I left Switzerland having mainly worked in the insurance and computer industry to pursue my real interests and get help for myself.  I came to the US in '97 to pursue massage school in Santa Fe, NM. After having worked there for 2 years and having owned and operated a B&B, I decided it is time to pursue a doctorate in chiropractic. Besides my practice, I am also a professor of anatomy at a nursing college.

In my spare time, I  like to be outdoors. I have a passion for walking/hiking, tennis, biking, and of course skiing.