Mofidi, Feresteh

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I grew up in Tehran, Iran.  I studied economics in “National University of Iran”.  When I was in the second year, I passed the Teaching Credentials Examination which is similar to the CEBEST exam, here and I started teaching Mathematics in intermediate school.  When I graduated, I was promoted to teach in high school as Science and Math instructor.  In 1981, I got married with the love of my life.  In 1983 we moved to the United States.  The education at that time was free in one condition that you had to work 2 years for each year of free education.  I had only worked for four years.  As a result, The University did not release my transcripts; I was baffled but I did not lose my hopes. I took this as an opportunity. I started studying again at Laney College and after several years, I was fortunate to get a full time classified position at Merritt College in January 1989.  I was very impressed with the excellent level of instruction at Merritt College and the dedication of the faculty that I decided to continue my education at Merritt College. I received my Associate Degree with honor from Merritt College. During my classified time, I was honored to serve for two years as classified senate president. During these two years of my service, I was introduced to many wonderful supporters including Dr. Love, Dr. Wesley, President of the campus at that time. In addition, with my husband’s support, Ms. Francine West, and my wonderful supervisor of Disabled Student Program, Ms. Cristina Tissot I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Saint Mary’s College, Two years later, I received my Master’s degree in Business Management “MBA” emphases in Global Management and global Marketing. I was fortunate to have received a fulltime faculty position at Merritt College in August 2005. I truly have enjoyed teaching at Merritt College and strongly believe in our mission of access to quality education.